Boston City
Boston is a small peninsula in the state of Massachusetts on the Atlantic coast, not far from New York City, and is the northern part of which is the historic part of the city. A population of 600,000 and an area of 46 square kilometers. 3 meters above sea level, timing is the timing of the east coast, five hours less than Greenwich Mean Time (late ahead of GMT). Contact symbols from outside the city are 617 and 781 and do not have

Academy Life

Our slice of Boston is a mosaic like no other: a swirl of languages, faces and religions, over 500 student clubs, shows and lectures, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a slew of pubs and restaurants, and the thrills and spills of Terrier hockey. Oh, and don’t forget the tailgate parties. Our world, yours for the taking.

Our Aims

  • • We can help improve your language skills in an enjoyable.
  • • Our mission to do a great job for our customers by delivering world.
  • • What you expect is what you get.

Our Mission

the mission of Boston UN INternational is to

contribute to society through the pursuit of education,learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.